Search Engine Term Of The Week (Episode 13)


divinity 2 novel way of giving head

Come to think of it: What’s so hard …difficult to imagine about this?

There’s almost certainly both an audience as well as an industry for priest/nun-related porn (both mostly located in Vatican City, one can assume). Starting from that premise we may further surmise that there are franchises and blockbusters in the world of Faith Porn. Names like Rectal with the Rector, The Crucefucktion of Christ or Benedickt XVI: Sacrament of Excrement come to mind.


Anyway. So there might be a Divinity I: Giving Head The Traditional Way out there. Just might, mind you. And I’d rather if there wasn’t.

3 thoughts on “Search Engine Term Of The Week (Episode 13)

  1. Verena seems to be a pornography seller, judging by all the Google searches for porn that seem to give links to this site.

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