Life Support


Long before humanity conquered the stars, there lived a species who could hear the song of the Void. They are all gone now, all except Dern. In a world dominated by the short-lived humans, he makes a living working as a scout for illegal scavengers. He may not fit in, but he knows how to survive.

But if you live a long time, history sooner or later catches up with you.



Author’s Note:

Life Support is a character-oriented science fiction story. It is longer than most short stories, but shorter than your average novella; some use the term “novelette” for such stories. Personally I don’t really care about the terminology or the genre: what matters are the characters, the world they inhabit and the stories they experience. This is the story of Dern, which means a great deal to me. I hope you will discover something special in it, too.

12 thoughts on “Life Support

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  2. this was one of the very few stories that I wished was much, much longer. as it is, I enjoyed it a lot. thank you.

  3. Oh dear, is it 2012 already?
    I do apologize. I did want to put the story on Smashwords and I still will do so, probably in the next few days, but things have been a bit mad around here and I sort of forgot.
    Thank you for reminding me. And you weren’t rambling at all, actually the reminder is much appreciated and needed. No need to be embarrassed. I’ll post in the comments, and probably on the blog too, once the story is on Smashwords.

  4. I am very excited to read this novelette (and being a writer myself, I completely sympathize with wanting a beloved character/setting/world/point-of-view to reach audiences not for monetary gain but because that is the highest honor an author can attain, to write something that resounds with their audience, but I too will jump on the bandwagon of “wow, $0.99 is really cheap!”), buuut…

    I don’t have a Kindle. And I read another comment on your blog in which you assured someone that you would be selling a pdf on Smashwords, but that was in August of 2011 and this is already 2012 and I /must read this story, I am practically salivating for this sort of sci-fi/, so what is a poor Kat to do?

    I do apologize for darkening your blog’s doorstep with such an odd request (really, I’m very embarrassed to have done so, which is why I’m rambling) but, there you are. Thank you so much for reading through all this if you did, and if you didn’t, well, I don’t blame you!

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