Zombies and Elephants

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Created for the 2014 Fear of Twine exhibition.

“Where to begin? The subtle characterisations? The fleshed-out world? The slow but knowing development of the story? The dread? Oh my God, the dread?” – Joel Goodwin, Electron Dance

It takes seriously both the science underlying its horrors and the economic and cultural conditions of its slightly fictionalized setting. […] Not for the faint of heart. – Rock Paper Shotgun

“Of these, I think I was most impressed by […] Zombies and Elephants, for the treatment of the racial and social aspects of the situation” – Emily Short (one of three games picked)

“Expressive, suspenseful prose and haunting symbolism set this twine-based text adventure apart from the rest.” – Rachel Helps, The Ludi Bin

“Zombies and Elephants manages to overcome my fatigue towards anything zombie-related with its lush, pulpy writing” – Melody Lee, (The) Absolute

“An interesting read with a satisfying ending.” – Amanda Wallace, Storycade

from the comments:

“You really managed to grip me with your way to tell the story, and at times I was indeed torn between eager fast-forward-clicking to see how the story would develop and lingering with the situations and atmosphere you evoked just a little longer…” – Florian Popp

“Zombies and Elephants was probably my favorite from the exhibition. I normally read zombie stories for the gore and action, but this was touching and melancholy” – Horace Torys

“Simply amazing storytelling.” – Gregory Smith

“A great (if frightening) experience.” – Rodge

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