Artist Needed!

A while ago I wrote a long short story or (depending how you look at it) a short novella named Life Support… and then I sort of forgot about it, because all those pesky elements of everyday life, like paying for food and having a roof over one’s head, were suddenly clamoring for attention.

This ends now! I’ve never been really happy with the cover that we made for the story back in the day (it was meant to be crude and bulky, but it turned out too crude and bulky for its own good), so now I’d really like to get an artist to make a proper cover. I imagine that it would be ideal to use a digitally-created image, and the truth is that I’m not really confident enough with digital painting to do this myself. Besides, I’m spending most of my time drawing the Lands of Dream.

Since I know how though it is to make a living as an artist nowadays, I wouldn’t dream of asking anyone to make a cover for free, but (since I’m also experiencing how tough it is to make a living as an artist) please understand that I won’t be able to pay very much.

So, if you’re interested, please drop me a line at

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