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Category: Writing

Cellphone Poetry

I wrote a poem today: Lemon Juicea zahlreiche zahlreiche zahlreiche zwei zwei Zwei zwei zahlreiche zwei zwei zwei zwar zwei Aquarium Sa zwei Sa Affäre Sa zwei zwei as a as a as a as as A as A Sq AS ASq as a as AS a as sad as a as a a a Zambia zwar zwar zwei zahlreiche zahlreiche zwar zwar zwei zahlreiche zwar zahlreiche zwar zwar zwei zwei zwei zwar zwar zwei zwei as zwar zahlreiche zahlreiche Sa zahlreiche zahlreiche Sa zahlreiche zwar zahlreiche zwar zwei zahlreiche… Read more Cellphone Poetry

Artist Needed!

A while ago I wrote a long short story or (depending how you look at it) a short novella named Life Support… and then I sort of forgot about it, because all those pesky elements of everyday life, like paying for food and having a roof over one’s head, were suddenly clamoring for attention. This ends now! I’ve never been really happy with the cover that we made for the story back in the day (it was meant to be crude and bulky, but it turned out too crude and… Read more Artist Needed!

The Dead Zone

We’ll be entering a short communications blackout in a little while, since our old internet connection will expire on Sunday and the new connection is taking its own sweet time. This isn’t a bad thing, at least not entirely. Although the children’s book has been making excellent progress,  it sadly isn’t finished yet. I’m sure some time away from the net will help with that. And there are a few other things that I need to get done that can only benefit from some internet-free time, like that short story… Read more The Dead Zone

Food and Things

I’ve once again not been doing as much blogging as I’d like to, but people constantly come here and demand our attention. Friends, such a pesky lot. Oh, yes, and when I’m not cooking amazing three-course meals for the hordes of locusts people that keep showing up, I’m making graphics for Jonas’s next game. I’m really excited about this project. Until I find the time to do some real blogging you could, for example, have a look at this review of the Book of Living Magic, which the incredibly nice… Read more Food and Things