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Category: Thoughts

What Happend in 2012 and What Will Happen in 2013

As Jonas has said over on his blog, 2012 has been a turbulent year. Difficult, but also hugely rewarding. This post was supposed to be about what we did in 2012 and, more importantly, which creative projects lie before us in 2013, but as I sit here and try writing that post I become aware of something that needs to be written first. I had an accident in May 2012. I haven’t written about the incident on this blog, but this will come as no surprise to those of you… Read more What Happend in 2012 and What Will Happen in 2013


My grandmother died today. Just like that. She wasn’t sick, not that anyone knew of anyhow. It just happened. One minute I’m calling my mom about meeting up later, the next minute mom calls me back to tell me that my gran just died. I really don’t want to write anything about how it happened. Or when. Or who showed up to express their condolences and what they said. It really doesn’t matter. All that is family business and it doesn’t contribute anything to what kind of person she was.… Read more Death

Adventures In Customer Support

Note: I originally wrote this severalĀ  months ago, but neglected to edit and post it. Since our phone and internet contracts are now finally running out, I thought it would be appropriate. This is an age-old tale. Age-old in that it all started more than two years ago and age-old in that it surely has happened before to other people from other countries – in other centuries, even. As a matter of fact, I am sure that in ancient days cavemen were waylaid in their caves by travelling wheel salesmen… Read more Adventures In Customer Support