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Category: Games

Games, Interviews and Some Other Things

The Book of Living Magic is now up on both Kongregate and Newgrounds, so go there and give it your love. We’re especially excited that it got frontpaged on Kongregate. Not bad for a little hand-drawn game without achievements, eh? If The Book of Living Magic is the reason that you’re here in the first place, I recommend watching this Matt Chat interview with Jonas, in which he talks about his previous games (all downloadable/findable here), programing, the Matrix and some other interesting things. The interview also has a first… Read more Games, Interviews and Some Other Things

Food and Things

I’ve once again not been doing as much blogging as I’d like to, but people constantly come here and demand our attention. Friends, such a pesky lot. Oh, yes, and when I’m not cooking amazing three-course meals for the hordes of locusts people that keep showing up, I’m making graphics for Jonas’s next game. I’m really excited about this project. Until I find the time to do some real blogging you could, for example, have a look at this review of the Book of Living Magic, which the incredibly nice… Read more Food and Things

Phenomenon 32

I’m not very good at this, but: My husband, Jonas, has released a new game. It’s called Phenomenon 32 and we’ve lost count of how many hours of work went into it somewhere around October 2009. Yes, you read that right. The game is set in an alternate reality where humanity invented a so-called reality bomb, a weapon of incredible destructive potential, and now, twenty years later, some few surviving humans try to create a future for mankind. It is up to you to help them succeed. You can read… Read more Phenomenon 32