Phenomenon 32

I’m not very good at this, but:

My husband, Jonas, has released a new game. It’s called Phenomenon 32 and we’ve lost count of how many hours of work went into it somewhere around October 2009. Yes, you read that right.

The game is set in an alternate reality where humanity invented a so-called reality bomb, a weapon of incredible destructive potential, and now, twenty years later, some few surviving humans try to create a future for mankind. It is up to you to help them succeed.

You can read all the important details on Jonas’s blog, but let me just say that Phenomenon 32 is easily the biggest game ever made in Construct and one of Jonas’s most ambitious games to date.  And it’s got some bits of voice acting by me (hurrah!).

But seriously: the game is beautiful and intelligent and a real piece of art. And I am very proud of Jonas for creating it. So I hope you’ll give Phenomenon 32 a chance. You won’t regret it.

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