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Στη σκιά του Αόρατου Βασιλιά

«Στη σκιά του Αόρατου Βασιλιά» Κείμενο: Ιονάς Κυρατζής Εικονογράφηση: Βερένα Κυρατζή Κατηγορία: Εικονογραφημένη παιδική λογοτεχνία Μερικά βιβλία δεν είναι μονάχα ιστορίες, είναι ολόκληροι κόσμοι. Τα ανοίγεις και ταξιδεύεις. Το βιβλίο… Read more Στη σκιά του Αόρατου Βασιλιά

What Happend in 2012 and What Will Happen in 2013

As Jonas has said over on his blog, 2012 has been a turbulent year. Difficult, but also hugely rewarding. This post was supposed to be about what we did in 2012 and, more importantly, which creative projects lie before us in 2013, but as I sit here and try writing that post I become aware of something that needs to be written first. I had an accident in May 2012. I haven’t written about the incident on this blog, but this will come as no surprise to those of you… Read more What Happend in 2012 and What Will Happen in 2013

A Quick One

And we’re back in Germany. Seems like we’ve only been gone for a few minutes. The weather is abysmal, gray and wet and cold, and it’s impossible to imagine that just a few days ago we were in 35°C and the sun was shining. I have to force myself to be creative, drag the words from my mind and cast them on the page before they get washed away by the gray. I’ll do my best, though. I’ve finally, after what seems like aeons, started working on my book again.… Read more A Quick One

Crash Boom Bang

So I’ve been gone for a while. But this time I’ve got a really good excuse: I was hit by a car. I’m currently working on a really, really long blog post about the accident itself, but also about the humiliation and absurdities that the German legal system puts the victim through in the aftermath. Some people say that you’ve got to experience everything at least once, but I can now say with some certainty that they’re full of s**t. For now let’s say that the wounds have mostly healed,… Read more Crash Boom Bang