Sick Again

Acute hearing loss, at least that’s what all the online dictionaries spit out if I enter “Hörsturz“, not really sure if that’s even correct. Symptoms include a strange buzzing in my left ear, like listening to a very loud radio that hasn’t got proper reception, paired with all other sounds being dulled down, as if I’m hearing the world through a thick wad of cotton. Am getting injections to combat a possible infection and pills to lower my already low blood pressure even further.

But try as this new hurdle may: It may keep me from the cinema, but it won’t keep me from blogging.

I laugh at this puny sickness.

Ha ha ha.


3 thoughts on “Sick Again

  1. DDD:
    Poor Verena!
    When I was little, I was constantly having ear infections. Hasn’t happened since, though. I really hope you get better. It’s really annoying having pains in your ear, because you get this awful feeling in your throat. I don’t know how to describe it, but I assume you’d know what I’m talking about. Damned ear infections.

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