Sick Again

Acute hearing loss, at least that’s what all the online dictionaries spit out if I enter “Hörsturz“, not really sure if that’s even correct. Symptoms include a strange buzzing in my left ear, like listening to a very loud radio that hasn’t got proper reception, paired with all other sounds being dulled down, as if I’m hearing the world through a thick wad of cotton. Am getting injections to combat a possible infection and pills to lower my already low blood pressure even further.

But try as this new hurdle may: It may keep me from the cinema, but it won’t keep me from blogging.

I laugh at this puny sickness.

Ha ha ha.



In case any of you have been missing my frequent and unbearably witty updates and are wondering as to the reason of my sudden and shocking silence: I’m sick.

Sick. Miserable. Feverish. And to boot my cellphone seems to be suffering from SAD. (Yes, there might be other, more reasonable explanations for its weird behaviour, but where would be the fun in that?)

Regular updates shall resume as soon as I have conquered the evil flu.