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Cellphone Poetry

I wrote a poem today: Lemon Juicea zahlreiche zahlreiche zahlreiche zwei zwei Zwei zwei zahlreiche zwei zwei zwei zwar zwei Aquarium Sa zwei Sa Affäre Sa zwei zwei as a as a as a as as A as A Sq AS ASq as a as AS a as sad as a as a a a Zambia zwar zwar zwei zahlreiche zahlreiche zwar zwar zwei zahlreiche zwar zahlreiche zwar zwar zwei zwei zwei zwar zwar zwei zwei as zwar zahlreiche zahlreiche Sa zahlreiche zahlreiche Sa zahlreiche zwar zahlreiche zwar zwei zahlreiche… Read more Cellphone Poetry

Artist Needed!

A while ago I wrote a long short story or (depending how you look at it) a short novella named Life Support… and then I sort of forgot about it, because all those pesky elements of everyday life, like paying for food and having a roof over one’s head, were suddenly clamoring for attention. This ends now! I’ve never been really happy with the cover that we made for the story back in the day (it was meant to be crude and bulky, but it turned out too crude and… Read more Artist Needed!

Στη σκιά του Αόρατου Βασιλιά

«Στη σκιά του Αόρατου Βασιλιά» Κείμενο: Ιονάς Κυρατζής Εικονογράφηση: Βερένα Κυρατζή Κατηγορία: Εικονογραφημένη παιδική λογοτεχνία Μερικά βιβλία δεν είναι μονάχα ιστορίες, είναι ολόκληροι κόσμοι. Τα ανοίγεις και ταξιδεύεις. Το βιβλίο… Read more Στη σκιά του Αόρατου Βασιλιά

Ithaka of the Clouds

Something really, really big is brewing in the Lands of Dream. It’s so big, it’s making a blue whale look small. What am I saying… it’s so big it’s making Jupiter look tiny by comparison. Yes, you guessed right. We’re making a new Lands of Dream game. It’s going to be called Ithaka of the Clouds and it will be the largest one in the series to date. It will be about love, about building things that last, about exploration, and about trolls. We’re going to go back to a… Read more Ithaka of the Clouds