Ithaka of the Clouds

Something really, really big is brewing in the Lands of Dream. It’s so big, it’s making a blue whale look small. What am I saying… it’s so big it’s making Jupiter look tiny by comparison.

Yes, you guessed right. We’re making a new Lands of Dream game. It’s going to be called Ithaka of the Clouds and it will be the largest one in the series to date. It will be about love, about building things that last, about exploration, and about trolls. We’re going to go back to a lot of old locations (although they will actually be new locations, seeing as the game is set in the far past) and also to a whole slew of places that you’ve never seen before. And who knows, maybe we’ll even meet some old friends again (although they won’t remember you, sadly, prequel… remember?).

So if you are now really excited about this game and want to play it so badly that you’d sell your own grandmother to see it happen then the thing to do is to head over to Indiegogo and support our campaign for Ithaka of the Clouds. (Don’t worry, you won’t have to sell your grandmother, many of the perks are quite reasonably priced. Although if you can’t stand the old biddy, you might as well go for the big one and buy a whole game just for yourself.)

Seriously though: we could really use your support. And if you don’t have $10 to chip in (a situation that we ourselves were in just a few month ago, so we really understand) you can still help us by spreading the word.

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