One thought on “What’s So Great About China Anyway!

  1. hmm, let’s see: dvds for 50 cent a piece, nobody knows when I’m insulting them, lunch for 1 euro and it’s delicious, beer for 1 euro and it’s disgusting, chinese movies all day long, freezing your ass off, cause you choose to, not because German winter decided to stage his major comback, catching the tube for 20 cent a ride, catch the bus for 4 cent a ride, being scared shitless, cause the thing that drives you up to the great wall looks like it hasn’t been inspected for years, insane Chinese guy yelling at you, cause he tried to screw you over and you caught him, crazy Chinese guy with a thing for western women writing you a love letter, that is so funny (because of his dismal ability to speak and write proper English) that I’m considering to have it framed, making fun of the really, really old smelly American who stays in your room, making fun of the extremely big and tall German girl who takes seconds although the bus is about to leave, pretending to be not German at all, even when talking to German people, them not realizing it, although the dude from London keeps calling you “German”, converse for 6 euros (I know they are probably fake), discovering Chinese internet shortcut for Thank you is 3q (that took quiet some time to figure that one out) finally having time to write the bloody novel and getting inspirations for book 2 and 3… and finally learning the simplest and at the same time most complicated language in existence: Chinese
    I’ll be back soon enough, to annoy the hell out of you both…

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