Search Engine Term Of The Week (Episode 3)



Robert Pattinson with a naked beauty

a) Well, not that I’m prejudiced or anything, but whom are you more interested in? Bobby or his companion?

b) Is Bob meant to be naked too in the desired picture? Or is his ruggedly handsome face enough? (If yes then congratualtions, you hit the jackpot, cause that’s, like, all there is.)

c) How many gazillion pages of search engine results did you have to go through to get to my blog?

d) Why? I mean, if you want to lose your eyesight you can always pour bleach in your eyes.

(Popular variations: Naked Robert Pattinson, Robert Pattinson Naked. Thus my master plan to get more hits on this site by cunning deception of the easily mislead masses is slowly bearing fruit.)

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