In the Dominican Republic, Part 1

So… here we are: The Dominican Republic.

Looks like Greece only with more water.

Yesterday was a day full of ups and downs, and if I say that I mean really high up and very very far down. We spent the day with packing, advance blogging and discovering that my passport had expired. Fun fun fun. The problem was eventually fixed with a provisionary passport (that now has my new name on it, yay!) and we were only sixty minutes too late for out flight (which was really cool, seeing that we got bumped to first class, double yay!).

Arrived here at seven thirty local time, made it out of the airport by eight thirty,and got to the hotel way past midnight and several near-death experiences later. The guy at the travel agency wasn’t joking when he said that they don’t really know about driving safely here.
Which reminds me: Scary fact, we booked our vacation from a guy who resembled Ben Linus of Lost to a rather unsettling degree (if I follow that thought through I have to admit that he didn’t try to convince us to kill anyone, so maybe it wasn’t Ben after all).
The Hotel is pretty, although our bathroom ceiling drips and plumbing is an unknown concept, but the beach… the beach…


Also we found a baby turtle.

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