Starving Artists Update

The response to The Starving Artists Kitchen Show has been great so far. We’ve even had some feedback from people who have tried the recipe, which is just too awesome to put into words. The next instalment will likely have to be wait until we’re back from Greece, as we didn’t take the camera, but we both can’t wait to get started.

If anyone has any ideas or requests for future instalments I’d be happy to oblige them (if they make sense). I’m already looking into recipes for gluten-free bread, which I’ve never tried making before. The concept of making bread with egg is certainly… interesting. So if there’s something you’ve always wanted to make, but didn’t know how to do or something you’ve tried but that always ended in disaster, let me know. And then you can see how it ends in disaster for me too.

The Starving Artists Kitchen Show

I’m very proud to present the very first episode of The Starving Artists Kitchen Show. You can find it on Youtube, Facebook and for your convenience there’s also a page on this blog that’s dedicated to it.

Jonas and I have been thinking of doing a cooking show for a while now. I really love cooking and this show will focus both on countering a lot of the myths about what’s impossible to do or hard to get right, and on low-budget cooking. Because good food doesn’t need to be very expensive and you’ll be surprised what you can do with a sharp knife, a cutting board and a medium-sized saucepan.

The first episode is about making white bread, something that has become ridiculously expensive to buy in a supermarket (let alone a proper bakery) and that is actually very easy to make and shockingly cheap.

I hope you’ll enjoy the first episode. If you do, please spread the word on Facebook, Twitter and/or Google+. And let me know how your own bread turns out.

P.S. A few people have asked how much the ingredients used in the recipe cost. In the next episode we’ll remember to put that information in the actual video. As for the bread: assuming that you have some olive oil at home and that you can scavenge some sort of filling from the fridge or decide to go without that, the yeast is about 15 cents and one kilo of flour comes to about 25 cents (in European cents).