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The Book. The Book!

I finished my novel yesterday. This is the main reason for the lack of updates to this blog, for which I apologize, but I really needed to take the time to sit down and do this. Still not sending it to the agents, but that will come… soon. For now just a short update on the technical specifications of Mind the Gap: Chapters: 49 + Prologue Total Word Count: 133694 We celebrated by ordering pizza with everything and I am still riding on a high of adrenaline and euphoria. I… Read more The Book. The Book!


A while ago I finished reading Wilt by Tom Sharpe. (Yeah, this review has been in the pipeline for a while, and for no good reason at that. Grrrr.) My first experiences with the writings of Mr. Sharpe lie about fifteen years in the past, give or take a few. Thus it is understandable that I wasn’t sure if I would like them nowadays. That I had read those books in German doesn’t make my memories of them more trustworthy. But the memories kept resurfacing. Unfortunately I have read quite… Read more Wilt

Not Just About Football

Where to start? I picked up Unseen Academicals by Terry Pratchett on Thursday evening and couldn’t put it down again until I finished it. That’s a good start. Says something worth knowing about the book, I think. Otherwise? Well… First of all: The synopsis is a bit on the scrawny side and there is nothing on the back at all, so you’re screwed if you see this book without being able to open it. (There are bookshops in Germany that are cruel enough to wrap their merchandise in cellophane to… Read more Not Just About Football