Tonight on ‘It’s the Mind’ we examine the phenomenon of déjà vu.

So. I faintly remember saying that I promised high intellectual content for today. A book review, I seem to have implied. Yes, well, about that… tell you what. Books are boring anyway. So instead I’ll give you a link to the most awesome intellectual thing the internet has ever witnessed. What could be better than ninjas, cats and Doctor Tennant Who? Nothing, that’s absolutely correct. So here you are. My treat.

And no, you’ve never seen this footage before. Must be a trick of your tired mind. Sleep now, there will be more tomorrow.

Velociraptors, Bunk Beds, Godzilla and Cats

How long could you survive chained to a bunk bed with a velociraptor?

A question worth knowing the answer to, I think. The Oatmeal also has a collection of other delightful quizzes and comics (which I like totally found by accident this very morning when I noticed that the old link to the velociraptor quiz had turned into a retail store for bunk beds overnight… go figure).


And while we’re putting stuff up on the net: