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A Quick One

And we’re back in Germany. Seems like we’ve only been gone for a few minutes. The weather is abysmal, gray and wet and cold, and it’s impossible to imagine that just a few days ago we were in 35°C and the sun was shining. I have to force myself to be creative, drag the words from my mind and cast them on the page before they get washed away by the gray. I’ll do my best, though. I’ve finally, after what seems like aeons, started working on my book again.… Read more A Quick One

In which there is an apology and a cat

I was going to write something about Capitalists ‘R’ Us “Was Tun?” the new work-themed temporary exhibiton at the museum where I work. But instead I had a huge tired and took a nap. And then I felt bad and uploaded a few pictures of my parents’ cat to flickr. The rest will have to wait until tomorrow.


I forgot to mention that I have a few new images up on flickr. And here is a very nice interview with Jonas over at the Gnome’s Lair. Now scoot.

The Dead Zone

We’ll be entering a short communications blackout in a little while, since our old internet connection will expire on Sunday and the new connection is taking its own sweet time. This isn’t a bad thing, at least not entirely. Although the children’s book has been making excellent progress,  it sadly isn’t finished yet. I’m sure some time away from the net will help with that. And there are a few other things that I need to get done that can only benefit from some internet-free time, like that short story… Read more The Dead Zone

One-Armed Artist

Here are a few more images from Greece, including some compulsory “oh look at all those ancient ruins” pictures (and more are coming). I know that there must be thousands of other Flickr users who have uploaded millions of pictures of the Acropolis, but I really don’t care. It’s the Acropolis, for Christ’s sake. So what if a few other people also uploaded pictures of it? In other news: I’m working on the images for our children’s book and finishing up a few graphics for Catroidvania. This might lead to… Read more One-Armed Artist

Covered in Bees

I know that I promised to post about a crazy woman in Athens, aardvarks and a lot of other things starting with “A”, but today has been a lot crazier than anticipated and my body still thinks that it is a little later than it actually is here in Germany. In short: I am tired and cold and beaten up and will now go to bed. Tomorrow, as soon as I’m done struggling with the day’s allotment of bureaucracy, I will post about crazy people in Athens. Today you can… Read more Covered in Bees

I could always go and work for Industrial Light & Magic…

There are lots of new pictures up on Flickr, including this one, which may look like it’s been generated on a computer, but wasn’t. I promise that I’ll have some new content up soon, say tomorrow or next year at the latest, but for now I fear this will have to do. Jonas is still sick and neither of us has recovered from traveling and the nightmare day of work that followed.