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In which there is an apology and a cat

I was going to write something about Capitalists ‘R’ Us “Was Tun?” the new work-themed temporary exhibiton at the museum where I work. But instead I had a huge tired and took a nap. And then I felt bad and uploaded a few pictures of my parents’ cat to flickr. The rest will have to wait until tomorrow.

Velociraptors, Bunk Beds, Godzilla and Cats

A question worth knowing the answer to, I think. The Oatmeal also has a collection of other delightful quizzes and comics (which I like totally found by accident this very morning when I noticed that the old link to the velociraptor quiz had turned into a retail store for bunk beds overnight… go figure). Also: Godzilla Haiku – you gotta see it to believe it. Ninja Cat Comes Closer While Not Moving – What’s better than ninja monkeys? Ninja cats! Our kitty is a Lolcat!!! – Yes she is. And… Read more Velociraptors, Bunk Beds, Godzilla and Cats