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2010 In Books

And once again a list of all the books that I read in the last year. Some people enjoy these, I hear. It’s sorted alphabetically by author, because I’ll be buggered if I can remember the order that I read them in. The list would be a lot longer if cookbooks counted, but alas, I have decided that they don’t. I fear “place noodles in boiling salt water and cook until al dente” doesn’t count as enough of a narrative to constitute a novel. Wish I had read more. Sigh.… Read more 2010 In Books

The Book. The Book!

I finished my novel yesterday. This is the main reason for the lack of updates to this blog, for which I apologize, but I really needed to take the time to sit down and do this. Still not sending it to the agents, but that will come… soon. For now just a short update on the technical specifications of Mind the Gap: Chapters: 49 + Prologue Total Word Count: 133694 We celebrated by ordering pizza with everything and I am still riding on a high of adrenaline and euphoria. I… Read more The Book. The Book!

Happy Second Week Of The New Year!

Okay. So I’ve been off the radar for a while. But I did a lot of good work in the last three weeks, so I’m not too sad about that. But 2010 is going to find me a changed woman, yes it will. Here’s what I’ll do: New Year Resolutions (Excerpt) 1) Sell Book 2) Write A Lot More Books 3) Update Blog More Often (Now, away from the 56k modems of Greece and with our home internet connection working once more, than might actually work out. Maybe I should… Read more Happy Second Week Of The New Year!