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In which there is an apology and a cat

I was going to write something about Capitalists ‘R’ Us “Was Tun?” the new work-themed temporary exhibiton at the museum where I work. But instead I had a huge tired and took a nap. And then I felt bad and uploaded a few pictures of my parents’ cat to flickr. The rest will have to wait until tomorrow.

Was Tun?

Now that my work on The Sea Will Claim Everything is done I’ll give blogging another try. Today I went to the new temporary exhibition at Senckenberg where I also work part-time. Tomorrow I’ll let you know what I thought. Hopefully I’ll still be working at Senckenberg after that.

Tommy and Creative Responsibility

[Note: I wrote this a couple of months ago, but I’ve been so busy with The Sea Will Claim Everything that I couldn’t even find the time to proofread it!] A while ago we saw The Who’s Tommy at the English Theatre in Frankfurt. The English Theatre is, apparently, the biggest English-language theatre on the European mainland and has been showing high-quality plays and musicals since the late seventies. And before you ask: in terms of presentation their production of Tommy was really top-notch. I realize that few of you… Read more Tommy and Creative Responsibility

The Starving Artists’ Kitchen

Our little cooking show now has an official website! And a second episode! This is very awesome, and couldn’t have happened without the support of everyone who donated via IndieGoGo or helped spread the word. Go. Watch. Have fun. Spread the word. And cook something nice every now and then.

I Can Haz News

Much is new in House Kyratzes and it’s all terribly exciting. The best news is that a few days ago I officially started work on the graphics for the new Lands of Dream game. This one is going to be close in size to Desert Bridge and will have oodles of locations and gadgets. While doing the children’s book and the Oneiropolis Compendium I’ve improved my technique used for the Lands of Dream images dramatically, which makes me all the more excited about this project. We’re aiming to release the… Read more I Can Haz News