The Dead Zone

Stone Lion

We’ll be entering a short communications blackout in a little while, since our old internet connection will expire on Sunday and the new connection is taking its own sweet time. This isn’t a bad thing, at least not entirely. Although the children’s book has been making excellent progress,  it sadly isn’t finished yet. I’m sure some time away from the net will help with that. And there are a few other things that I need to get done that can only benefit from some internet-free time, like that short story about elephants and zombies that I started writing when we were in Greece. So I will have lots to do and, hopefully, lots to show when we get back online.

For now I shall wish you a nice week. Or maybe two. If you get lonely, here are a few things for you to look at:

  • Jonas has written a short story. And you can read it. It is about vampires and politics and it is awesome. If you would spread the word you would make both of us very happy.
  • And in other creative news: New pictures! On Flickr! This is the last batch of images from Greece, mostly Athens and a bit of Chalkidiki. Enjoy!
  • And here is a truly astonishing letter. Read it and be filled with joy. This odd little gem from 1929 really made my day. In general I would like to take the opportunity to recommend Letters of Note as a source of weekday reading pleasure.
  • If you get hungry while waiting for the internet to come back to Casa Kyratzes so that we can upload another episode of our cooking show, you could always try making Jamie Oliver’s Pasta with Meatballs recipe. It is really yummy, easy to make and the rosemary levels aren’t lethal (honest).
  • And here’s a pretty song. Listen to it and think of all the people who were out on the streets today, fighting the good fight. Or better even, join them. I’m sure the fight will still need fighting tomorrow.

Okay. That is it for now. It is time to lean back, enjoy the show and wait for the inevitable.

One-Armed Artist


Here are a few more images from Greece, including some compulsory “oh look at all those ancient ruins” pictures (and more are coming). I know that there must be thousands of other Flickr users who have uploaded millions of pictures of the Acropolis, but I really don’t care. It’s the Acropolis, for Christ’s sake. So what if a few other people also uploaded pictures of it?

In other news: I’m working on the images for our children’s book and finishing up a few graphics for Catroidvania. This might lead to some gaps in the blogging process. The good news for all my avid readers is that I’ve also managed to injure my wrist, which makes drawing for long stretches at a time somewhat painful… come to think of it, maybe it’s not good news after all. At least there will be plenty of time for blogging during the my-hand-just-fell-off breaks that I will need to take to sew said hand back on with dental floss.

Between Jonas having a terrible back pain and my wrist hurting, we managed to uphold our happy-healthy-holiday mood for exactly five days after coming back from Greece, which is a real shame. We can only hope that the current uncharacteristically good weather in Germany will last a little longer, so that we can enjoy it when we’re both well again. If we manage that, I’m sure we’ll be in perfect busy-little-bee working mode in no time. I don’t want to be pessimistic, honestly, Jonas and I have got a very creative and exciting fall ahead of us… we just need to survive the next few days to get to it.

Oh, and did I mention that our turtle tried to commit suicide on Saturday?

Covered in Bees


I know that I promised to post about a crazy woman in Athens, aardvarks and a lot of other things starting with “A”, but today has been a lot crazier than anticipated and my body still thinks that it is a little later than it actually is here in Germany. In short: I am tired and cold and beaten up and will now go to bed. Tomorrow, as soon as I’m done struggling with the day’s allotment of bureaucracy, I will post about crazy people in Athens. Today you can look at the pictures that I’ve just uploaded to Flickr.