Purple Things


I don’t know what “Uva” means. I think it might be Spanish for disgusting. If it isn’t, it ought to be.

I looked it up.

Turns out it means grape.

Mhm… who would have thought.

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  1. Hi, Verena! I’m an occasional poster on your husband’s blog, so I thought I’d come check this one out.

    Aww, you don’t like grape soda? Eh, cultural differences, I guess. I grew up with the stuff. You might like orange soda better, though. But avoid anything carbonated and deep red unless it has JONES and good photography on it. Just some tips from America regarding our own atrocities.

    …wait, wasn’t it the English that created this teeth-melting bile?

    Eh, screw it. I’m buying a root beer tomorrow.

    Like the blog, Verena. Hope you two continue to enjoy your vacation.

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