We’re tired, we’re broken, but we’re back.

Well… we’re back. What I’m feeling right now is a strange mixture of sadness at leaving our vacation behind and happiness at being back at home with our cat and away from Greek internet connections. I already miss Greece, although we haven’t even entirely unpacked our bags. The sunshine and the good food, the mountains of strawberries that we ate, the landscape and the air. And the sea (which was very nice to look at and very, very cold to swim in)… in a landlocked place like Frankfurt, where all you ever see is the building on the other side of the street, the sea seems like a dream.

I don’t wish to seem ungrateful, Frankfurt has its charms too: we’ve eaten pizza and tried to assimilate all that we’ve missed on the internet during the last two weeks, we’ve cuddled Cat and Cat has given us headbutts. Life could be worse.

Now it’s late and I really should go to bed. So should Jonas. Look at this picture of a car while you wait for the next update.

We parked near this giant wall...