An Old Game and A New Game

The Sea Will Claim Everything is now available on Steam.

On a related note: The Council of Crows is now on Greenlight. Go on, vote for it. Don’t be shy now. Off you hop! You can read the rest of this in a minute. This post isn’t going anywhere.

So, yes, The Sea Will Claim Everything. It’s taken us some time, but it’s finally out on Steam. It would have happened sooner, but somewhere around November Jonas went insane, and decided to add tons of new dialogue. And a few new images. And then some more dialogue, for good measure.

TSWCE 2.0 isn’t exactly a new game, because all that old stuff is still there (minus a few typos)… it’s more like we put an entire additional game’s worth of writing on top of what’s already there. I’m really quite proud of Jonas for doing this. (And I hope that he doesn’t remember how I made fun of him around Christmas, for putting so much effort into the Steam re-release of a three-year old game. *whistles innocently*)

Those of you who have bought the game via Fastspring or Humble, or who backed the Ithaka of the Clouds Indiegogo campaign should get a Steam key either today or very soon. It’s all a bit messy. Some of you might even get two Steam keys. Give the spare to a friend. Or an acquaintance. Or a random person on the bus. If you own a car and don’t have any friends… get creative.

For those of you who bought the game via the Bundle in a Box, Desura or IndieRoyale, it’s a little more tricky, but you can still get a Steam key. You earned it, after all. Just send us some proof of purchase (order email, PayPal receipt, a screenshot of anything pertaining to your ownership of this game) and Bob’s your uncle. Unless your uncle is in fact called Helmut, in which case Helmut’s your uncle.

You catch my drift.

And finally. If you have been naughty and haven’t voted for The Council of Crows on Greenlight yet, then now would be a good time to do so. I’m really quite excited about this game, which started out as a tiny little “Ooh, I know, let’s make something approximately the size of The Fabulous Screech” a few years ago and has since mutated into the biggest Lands of Dream game to date. That’s right, this baby will be bigger than TSWCE! We’re almost finished with the graphics and Jonas has already done a good chunk of the writing, so we’ll also manage to bring this one out in 2016. And it’s going to be awesome!