Голый Роберт Паттинсон


It’s spreading. First the Russians and then the world. Dominion over all things living using the internets shall be mine.

And again, just to sink it in: Why would anyone want to see that? His face is bad enough.

I present, from now on, here and on this spot, every Sunday evening:

The Search Engine Term Of The Week! Search engine term that got people to this website, that is.

(Roaring Applause)


Xivilai Naked.

Gulp. Okay… why oh why would you want to see that? They’re not wearing much anyway. Think Robert Pattinson with an even worse haircut and a light case of zombie-ism. Got it? There.  I told you, you didn’t want to see that, even in your imagination. You’re not strong enough. No one is.