Was Tun?

Real WorkNow that my work on The Sea Will Claim Everything is done I’ll give blogging another try. Today I went to the new temporary exhibition at Senckenberg where I also work part-time. Tomorrow I’ll let you know what I thought. Hopefully I’ll still be working at Senckenberg after that.

Covered in Bees


I know that I promised to post about a crazy woman in Athens, aardvarks and a lot of other things starting with “A”, but today has been a lot crazier than anticipated and my body still thinks that it is a little later than it actually is here in Germany. In short: I am tired and cold and beaten up and will now go to bed. Tomorrow, as soon as I’m done struggling with the day’s allotment of bureaucracy, I will post about crazy people in Athens. Today you can look at the pictures that I’ve just uploaded to Flickr.

So many photos, so little bandwidth

The good news is that I’ve taken tons of very pretty pictures. The bad news is that the internet connection we’ve got here is about as fast as trying to carry the individual pixels to your computer at home, one at a time.

We could have gone to the internet cafe, where they’ve got connection speeds comparable to those in the rest of the civilized world, but unfortunately Jonas is rather sick at the moment and the internet cafe is half a mountain away. Yes, you heard that right, we have a two week holiday and Jonas is sick as a dog. Isn’t he a real lucky one?

Mhm… well. Expect more from me on Thursday evening, when we’re back home and have our cat back (can’t blog without a cat, it’s just not proper). In the meantime I’ll work on the gargantuan task of getting my novel finished finished-er.

Reptiles, Amphibians & Dinosaurs

The Worm Ouroboros

We went to the zoo on Monday. The special part was that we managed (by accident) to get to the reptile house just after the animals had been fed. As a result, all those pretty reptiles were lying in plain sight in their cages and not doing a whole lot of moving, since their bellies were too full. A bunch of near-immobile, sleepy reptiles. Hell for herpetophobes. Heaven for photographers. Here is the flickr set.

What I Am Up To (And A Horse)

The Vanishing Horse
I haven’t been doing as much blogging as I want to lately, but that’s mostly because I’m keeping myself fairly busy by working on way too many projects at once.

For one thing I’ve been doing a lot of photography and am currently uploading the fruits of my work on Flickr whenever time permits. (Yes, Flicker has been shamefully neglected too.) Have a look over here.

Of course that’s not the main bulk of what I’m doing. Two bigger projects that are nibbling away at my blogging time are a short story that I’m editing and that will hopefully soon be sent out to various magazines and the graphics for Jonas’s next flash game (and that’s all that I’m saying on that subject, seeing that he hasn’t announced anything yet).

And that’s what I’m up to. Blogging will resume soon, I hope. Rest assured that I haven’t forgotten about the Twilight Experiment and other than that there are several reviews of, how shall I say, works of greater literary merit in the pipeline. And game reviews. And recipes. And lots of photographs. And the cat. You can always write about Cat.

Lift Up Thy Head


Walking home after shopping today we hear the most peculiar sound: something resembling a mixture of the war cry of invading space monkeys and the forelorn cooing of a giant pigeon. At first we are at a loss as to where it is coming from – there’s nothing visible at street level, no car, no other people, nothing – and then we look up. Above us, so small that they are only black dots against the blue-grey sky, are literally hundreds of geese. At least I think they are geese, they look rather big, too big to be ducks or terns, and there are too many of them to be any kind of bird of prey.

We can still hear their cries long after they are gone. And then, suddenly, the sound swells again and the next group comes flying over the rooftops. They are heading west… I wonder where they’re going.