I Can Haz News

Much is new in House Kyratzes and it’s all terribly exciting.

The best news is that a few days ago I officially started work on the graphics for the new Lands of Dream game. This one is going to be close in size to Desert Bridge and will have oodles of locations and gadgets. While doing the children’s book and the Oneiropolis Compendium I’ve improved my technique used for the Lands of Dream images dramatically, which makes me all the more excited about this project. We’re aiming to release the game in March, so you won’t have to wait too long.

I’ve also finished the last images for the Oneiropolis Compendium. This project has been a lot of fun, with silly pop culture references and deeply serious philosophical questions – often in the same entry. And it’s not over yet. The Compendium really saved us when things got tight financially in November and December, and while we needed the money, I was also genuinely pleased to draw these pictures. So if you still feel like donating to get an original, framed Lands of Dream image, please feel free to do so.

If you read Jonas’s blog or come to my page every now and then, then I’m sure you’ve heard of our IndieGoGo campaign to finance a webpage for our cooking show. It’s another project that I’m very happy about, since I love cooking and cookbook recipes can sometimes drive one barmy. Instructions like “add italian spices” or “use a lug of olive oil” just make me want to tear the cookbook into tiny little pieces of confetti and set fire to them. The other day I had a recipe that told me to prepare an ingredient ten minutes before the  sauce was done, without ever mentioning how long the bloody sauce was supposed to cook in total (and it’s confetti time!). So yes, the Starving Artists Kitchen Show is something I’m happy about and that should help lower my blood pressure. And you can help. Our IndieGoGo campaign still hasn’t reached its goal. Also you can expect a new episode and the website to be up soon. We’re just experiencing some minor difficulty connected to dark German winters and our kitchen light being broken.

That’s it on the creative front, I think. There’s more to tell, as always, but that will have to wait until later. Expect a post on The Who’s Tommy and creative responsibility in the next 24 hours and something about bad postmodern writing by the end of the week. Now to draw a room with crazy wallpaper.

Happy New Year!

Hi there. Remember me? I used to blog here sometimes, back in August. Long time no see, eh?

Most of you will know from reading Jonas’s blog, which we’ve managed to update from the internet cafe once or twice, that we had a spot of internet trouble for the last four months or so. And when I say internet trouble please read no internet at all. And, to tell the truth, it’s been quite invigorating. I’ve gotten a lot of work done. I managed to finish the drawings for our upcoming children’s book (which will probably be released in February 2012) and also did a lot of pictures for the Oneiropolis Compendium.  And I’ve learned that losing the internet isn’t the terrifying, life-threatening experience I thought it would be.

The Oneiropolis Compendium has proven to be one of the most fun and amazing things Jonas and I have ever done. In case you don’t know what the Compendium is about, let’s just say that it is an opportunity to get hand-drawn, framed images from me and a beautiful (or silly) story from Jonas while at the same time keeping both of us from starving. And it’s been great, so far. If you want to participate in the Compendium, here’s a link to everything you need to know.

I’ve still got tons of drawings to do, not only for the Compendium but also for an upcoming, as of yet untitled and very much a work-in-progress Lands of Dream game, so I’ll mostly be busy away from the computer, but I’ll try to keep this blog updated regularly from now on.

For now, here are a few linkies to help pass the time:

  • There’s a charming new blog from the creator of Letters of Note, called Lists of Note. And even if lists aren’t your thing I urge you to check out this amazing to-do list by Johnny Cash.
  • Here’s an xkcd that really made me smile. (Disclaimer: I love Shyamalan’s work, but The Last Airbender could have been better.)
  • And here is a nice comic about airplanes by the Oatmeal. (Make sure to read everything to get the really good bits at the end. Oatmeal comics don’t always work for me, but this one is beautiful.)
  • Finally, if you have eight seconds of your life to spare for the ultimate knock knock joke, you should have a look at this.

That’s it for tonight.