Things, Things & Things

As you might have noticed my review of Two Worlds 2 has been delayed a little bit. I’m very sorry and promise that it will be up before we leave for Greece on Wednesday. I just have to stop adding more stuff to it.

And here are a few other cool news: we’ve been thinking about doing a cooking show for quite a while now and this weekend we finally took the time to shoot the first episode. I’ve already seen the finished version of the intro and it looks amazing, Jonas really outdid himself on the editing. I hope we’ll be able to put it up tomorrow.

Also here’s the third part of the Matt Chat interview with Jonas.

Games, Interviews and Some Other Things

The Book of Living Magic is now up on both Kongregate and Newgrounds, so go there and give it your love. We’re especially excited that it got frontpaged on Kongregate. Not bad for a little hand-drawn game without achievements, eh?

If The Book of Living Magic is the reason that you’re here in the first place, I recommend watching this Matt Chat interview with Jonas, in which he talks about his previous games (all downloadable/findable here), programing, the Matrix and some other interesting things. The interview also has a first part, which is hiding here.

If you just need a laugh try looking at this clip of Anderson Cooper totally losing it over the whole Gerard-Depardieu-pees-on-a-plane debacle.

And finally, if you’re here to see if the graphics artist of The Book of Living Magic is good for anything else except childlike crayon drawings, you could always buy my short story Life Support on Kindle. It’s only 0.99 €/1.40$/0.86£ and available on an Amazon website near you.

Tomorrow I’ll give you a long-overdue review of Two Worlds Two: The Alliteration, which we finished playing just recently. The game was pretty awesome, but there are a few things that need saying and today I just don’t have the energy to say them.

Matt Chat, Jonas and a Gnome

It would appear that the Epic Announcement™ will be delayed until Tuesday, which really is  no one’s fault but my own. Also, in related news, Jonas has been busting his ass today to help me with the whole thing, and he’s now my personal Saint.

Good deeds, however, shall be instantly rewarded with humongous internet fame and so today is the day where the first part of the Matt Chat interview with him comes out.

And if you’re still hungry for stuff featuring Jonas and his work then you can have a look at the Gnome‘s review of The Book of Living Magic.

And now, despite the late hour, I shall go back to making graphics for Catroidvania. A graphic artist’s work is never done.