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Notes From The Greek Class

So what’s Verena up to? Haven’t heard from her in ages. Well, dear imaginary friend, when I’m not writing or taking pwetty pictures, I’m going to a Greek language class. And, to leave all the quipping and sarcasm aside for a moment, that is something that is very important to me. My husband grew up in Greece, it’s a part of him. Not only that, but through marrying him I also gained a large number of terribly nice, generous Greek relatives. The cousins are no problem, they all speak fluent… Read more Notes From The Greek Class

Search Engine Term of the Week (Episode 2)

Today: the name verena where does it originate? Since I’m interested in stuff like that, I shall give you a straight answer, unknown quester for knowledge. (But don’t get used to it.) And that answer is: I don’t quite know. So I did some research. The name Verena is, depending on whom you ask, of Latin, Swiss, Russian, Dutch, Teutonic or Greek origin. Verena might be derived from the Latin word for truth: veritas -atis f. [the truth , reality; truthfulness, telling of truth]; in gen. [honesty]. Same as the… Read more Search Engine Term of the Week (Episode 2)