Agios Ioannis 5

If you’re trying to reach me in the next three weeks I’ll be there (see above). The address is: Jonas and Verena Kyratzes, Perfect Beach 2, 308197 In a Sunny Place, Greece. I’m sure the local postal authorities won’t have any problem finding it.

I’ll do my best to keep the blog updated while we’re away (that Two Worlds 2 review is as good as done), but don’t expect too many posts.

We’re tired, we’re broken, but we’re back.

Well… we’re back. What I’m feeling right now is a strange mixture of sadness at leaving our vacation behind and happiness at being back at home with our cat and away from Greek internet connections. I already miss Greece, although we haven’t even entirely unpacked our bags. The sunshine and the good food, the mountains of strawberries that we ate, the landscape and the air. And the sea (which was very nice to look at and very, very cold to swim in)… in a landlocked place like Frankfurt, where all you ever see is the building on the other side of the street, the sea seems like a dream.

I don’t wish to seem ungrateful, Frankfurt has its charms too: we’ve eaten pizza and tried to assimilate all that we’ve missed on the internet during the last two weeks, we’ve cuddled Cat and Cat has given us headbutts. Life could be worse.

Now it’s late and I really should go to bed. So should Jonas. Look at this picture of a car while you wait for the next update.

We parked near this giant wall...

So many photos, so little bandwidth

The good news is that I’ve taken tons of very pretty pictures. The bad news is that the internet connection we’ve got here is about as fast as trying to carry the individual pixels to your computer at home, one at a time.

We could have gone to the internet cafe, where they’ve got connection speeds comparable to those in the rest of the civilized world, but unfortunately Jonas is rather sick at the moment and the internet cafe is half a mountain away. Yes, you heard that right, we have a two week holiday and Jonas is sick as a dog. Isn’t he a real lucky one?

Mhm… well. Expect more from me on Thursday evening, when we’re back home and have our cat back (can’t blog without a cat, it’s just not proper). In the meantime I’ll work on the gargantuan task of getting my novel finished finished-er.


I’ve finally found the time to update take care of my Flickr account, which was a wonderful Christmas gift from Jonas that I have neglected for far too long. Right now it’s mostly photos from Greece (but a lot of them), plus some Berlin, Frankfurt and Bernkastel-Kues, but I’ll upload more stuff from our honeymoon in the Dominican Republic soon.