The Book of Living Magic

It’s taken a while, much longer than anyone thought, but The Book of Living Magic is finally out. The Lands of Dream are quite dear to me, The Strange and Somewhat Sinister Tale of the House at Desert Bridge being, so far, probably my favourite among Jonas’s games, and I loved creating the graphics for this one. We’ve both put a lot of love and a lot of work into the game and Jonas and I are very happy that BOLM managed to find a good home (the people at Jay is Games have been really, really great). It’s been a difficult birth, but it’s also been worth it. You can play it here. If you liked it please feel free to spread the word via Twitter, Facebook, carrier pigeon or any other network of your choosing. And if you really liked it you could always drop Jonas a donation… we’ve got a cat to feed, after all.

Now on to Venus, to assist the local Space Cats in their struggle!

Spielsalon Kassel And Other Things

As you might have noticed I’ve once again been criminally neglecting this blog. It’s not something I am happy about, but I work best if I can concentrate on one thing and stick with it, and the blog unfortunately had a lower priority than some other projects recently.

What projects, I hear someone calling from the cheap seats. Yes, you, the gentleman in the polka dot shirt and the monkey mask. Well, strange sir, let me see.

  • I’ve been wondering about Kindle a lot these past few days. And about coal drawings. The two are connected and that’s all I’ll say for now. More on that soon, I hope.
  • We’re also beginning to think about the graphics for both the Troll game and our upcoming children’s book. (Which is a pompous way of saying that I spent half an afternoon doing graphics tests and looking at possible techniques, but we’re getting there.) Both projects will be similar, though not identical, in style and my fingers are already itching to get started in earnest.
  • The most exciting and by far most time-consuming project is Jonas’s next flash game Catroidvania: Communist Space Cats Of Venus, for which I’m just wrapping up the graphics. Yes, it’s about kittens… in space. What could possibly be more awesome?
  • When I’m not knee-deep in either pixels or discarded coal sketches I am nursing Jonas back to health. He’s had two of his wisdom teeth removed and is, as of today, on the fifth day of a liquid diet. It is, as far as I can tell, not a lot of fun. There are, after all, only that many ways to make potato puree interesting. (Suggestions are welcome, btw.)

That’s it from the creative front for now. If you’re interested in what we’ve been up to in July, here’s a link to my Flickr set with pictures from the Spielsalon Kassel, where Jonas’s game Alphaland was exhibited recently. It’s taken a long time, but finally he’s getting some recognition for his work, and seeing Alphaland exhibited in one of the oldest public museums of Europe was just awe-inspiring.

What I Am Up To (And A Horse)

The Vanishing Horse
I haven’t been doing as much blogging as I want to lately, but that’s mostly because I’m keeping myself fairly busy by working on way too many projects at once.

For one thing I’ve been doing a lot of photography and am currently uploading the fruits of my work on Flickr whenever time permits. (Yes, Flicker has been shamefully neglected too.) Have a look over here.

Of course that’s not the main bulk of what I’m doing. Two bigger projects that are nibbling away at my blogging time are a short story that I’m editing and that will hopefully soon be sent out to various magazines and the graphics for Jonas’s next flash game (and that’s all that I’m saying on that subject, seeing that he hasn’t announced anything yet).

And that’s what I’m up to. Blogging will resume soon, I hope. Rest assured that I haven’t forgotten about the Twilight Experiment and other than that there are several reviews of, how shall I say, works of greater literary merit in the pipeline. And game reviews. And recipes. And lots of photographs. And the cat. You can always write about Cat.