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Commentarium. (Applause) Jonas and I have been talking about launching a movie and TV review everything site for ages now, and here it is. You want reviews? We got them. You want podcasts? We got will have them. You want guest blogs? Analysis? Lists? We got all of that. Or will have, in due time. Be patient, the site’s just launched. For now enjoy my article on Twilight: New Moon. What? No, sorry. We haven’t got gummibears. Maybe on the next site.

Harry Potter and the Half-Baked Plot

As some of you may know and others not, I have co-written two traditional Christmas pantomimes in recent years, and writing another one always seemed like a good idea. One of the subjects that caught my interest was the Harry Potter series, so I was recently rather dismayed to find out that David Yates had beat me to it. Let’s rewind and see how it came to this tragic discovery: :yrevocsid cigart siht ot emac ti woh ees dna dniwer s’teL .ti ot em taeb dah setaY divaD taht tuo… Read more Harry Potter and the Half-Baked Plot