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Yes, stuff like this happens in real life, too.

So you think you’re the only one that totally bizarre stuff happens to? Think again. Yesterday, around noon, I was searching for my cellphone. A friend was coming over, we were waiting for confirmation, that kind of thing. (The friend came by and the evening was lovely, by the way.) After searching all my various bags, jackets, pockets and the shelf next to the door, I was getting a little worried. Next step: use landline to locate mobile by ringing it. Shockingly, this did not result in me hearing my… Read more Yes, stuff like this happens in real life, too.


In case any of you have been missing my frequent and unbearably witty updates and are wondering as to the reason of my sudden and shocking silence: I’m sick. Sick. Miserable. Feverish. And to boot my cellphone seems to be suffering from SAD. (Yes, there might be other, more reasonable explanations for its weird behaviour, but where would be the fun in that?) Regular updates shall resume as soon as I have conquered the evil flu.