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2011 in Books

These lists seem to be getting shorter and shorter. Either I read less, or I’m running out of good books. No, wait, I remember now: the Unconsoled, that triple-damned piece of literary diarrhea by Kazuo Ishiguro, put me off reading for at least four months in early 2011. There, all his fault. The Brooklyn Follies – Paul Auster Excession – Iain M. Banks The Mirror of Her Dreams – Stephen Donaldson A Man Rides Through – Stephen Donaldson Past Imperative – Dave Duncan Present Tense – Dave Duncan Future Indefinite… Read more 2011 in Books

2010 In Books

And once again a list of all the books that I read in the last year. Some people enjoy these, I hear. It’s sorted alphabetically by author, because I’ll be buggered if I can remember the order that I read them in. The list would be a lot longer if cookbooks counted, but alas, I have decided that they don’t. I fear “place noodles in boiling salt water and cook until al dente” doesn’t count as enough of a narrative to constitute a novel. Wish I had read more. Sigh.… Read more 2010 In Books

My Year in Books

Here is, for all those interested, a list of the books that I’ve managed to read in 2009. I always enjoy these lists when I see them on other people’s blogs, as they provide me not only with inspiration for my own reading, but also with a rough idea of what that other writer might be interested in. So, here we go (and don’t dream of getting this in chronological order): The Blade Itself – Joe Abercrombie I See By My Outfit – Peter S. Beagle Strange Roads – Peter… Read more My Year in Books

Getting to know me, Part I (books and short stories)

Tell me what you read and I’ll tell you what kind of person you are. Well, maybe not, personally I do not suscribe to this kind of DIY-psychoanalysis, but you are welcome to try. So here is a list of my favourite books and short stories. I would try to put them in the right order, but I’ve read that the sun will in fact go supernova on our collective posteriors at some point so I am not sure if I’d have enough time. 1. The Man Who Painted to… Read more Getting to know me, Part I (books and short stories)

The Hotel New Hampshire

Another Irving book. I swore not to read any more after Until I Find You. Needless to say that I didn’t like that one very much. I find that some of Irving’s books (not all of them… wait, yes, actually all of them) are just an exercise in collecting weird characters with weird jobs and weird fetishes. It’s okay, if you do it right, after all I loved The World According to Garp, and the people in that one are about as cockoo as you can get, but sometimes it… Read more The Hotel New Hampshire

This was going to be a post about Barnacle Bill the Spacer but then…

… I read up a few things about Lucius Shepard, the author of Barnacle Bill the Spacer and half a dozen other books that I absolutely adore. I very much adore Lucius Shepard. I adore his writing. I adore the way he describes places and I absoluetly adore his gift for setting the mood. I also adore his political and religious views. I short, Lucius Shepard is God. At least I thought so before I started reading his blog in order to get a few nice juicy quotes for this… Read more This was going to be a post about Barnacle Bill the Spacer but then…