Game Over In The Land Of Swirling Colors

Colors, so many colors.
Blue, red, green, yellow, blue, purple, pink, more pink, neon pink, double pink.
They will not stop.
They move.
Jerky.         Shaky.         Uncontrolled.         Indistinct.
Truck. Two trucks. Giant Bullbars.         Orange.         Whirling.
They dance.
They will not stop.

Make them stop.
A fist. Two fists. Giant knuckles. Red. As blood. Red blood.
And the spinning colors.
Nipples.         Two.         Three.         Too many to count. Nippeldy nipples everywhere.
And above all:
Gerard Butler, floating, soaring, rising over Times Square.
Game Over.

Postmodernist poetry or an attempt to review Gamer (a.k.a. Quick Ways To Turn Your Brain Into Elderberry Jam)?

You decide.