On a Cold Winter’s Night

BUNNYI’m done with doing the mysterious thing that I have been doing in October (which took a little longer than anticipated) and am now back to working on graphics for The Council of Crows. Which may or may not be a working title. And things are being done with Ithaka, but that’s all secret and stuff.

I’ll probably try to get some writing done this week. And of course The Talos Principle is coming out on the 11th of December (go and pre-order your copy now, while it’s 10% off!) My proudest contribution to Talos (though not my only one) is that I bought a giant box of donuts for Croteam when we were at Gamescom, but that doesn’t keep me from being absolutely excited about the game.

So creatively things are about as well as they could be in Casa Kyratzes. But unfortunately it looks like the German state and its archaic laws regarding internet-based revenue and/or self-employment are going to do us in rather badly in the next few weeks. We’ve been working on our tax returns for 2013 and things are looking bleaker by the minute. It seems that being self-employed in Germany means that you get all the horrible stuff, but none of the benefits (those are only for people who earn more than 5000€ a month… because… capitalism!)

So we’ll probably have to sell the cat. Any takers?

Built in 2004, black, minor scratches in the paintwork, still in good working condition, makes annoying sounds on occasion. Has its own Twitter account. Runs on tuna/chicken (unleaded).

Anyhow. It remains to be seen how bad it actually will be. We have an appointment with our tax advisor on Thursday, if you don’t hear from us afterwards we probably donated our organs to the mafia.

If you’re bored with waiting for all those exciting games to come out, you could always go and watch Interstellar, which is really quite excellent.