I’ve finally found the time to update take care of my Flickr account, which was a wonderful Christmas gift from Jonas that I have neglected for far too long. Right now it’s mostly photos from Greece (but a lot of them), plus some Berlin, Frankfurt and Bernkastel-Kues, but I’ll upload more stuff from our honeymoon in the Dominican Republic soon.


Art In Its Truest Form


Now… I haven’t seen this and I’m not sure if I want to (a lie, I love trashy B-movies). I am, however, willing to believe the IMDb user reviews for once, which seem to agree that this isn’t exactly Academy Award material. We saw this jewel, this miracle of cover design, in a Greek video store, the kind that’s got every movie ever made, but sadly didn’t have the time to take a look at it while we were there. I don’t doubt that it is delightfully horrible.

But, and it’s a big butt (forgive my childish humor), the poster is pure, sheer art. Beautiful from the tip of her army-issue high heels to the rim of her green sweatpants.

If there was an Academy Award for Best Poster Design, I’d nominate Stinger in a heartbeat.