I don’t photograph people very often, and I put even fewer of those images online for others to see. There are two reasons for this:

A) I prefer to catch people unawares, which more often than not results in the blurry kind of accident that you don’t want to show to anyone (another explanation might be that shy people like me are rotten at asking permission to take someone’s picture) and

B) even if I manage to get a good capture I often feel reluctant to put them online; whether I got prior permission to do so or not is irrelevant here, it just feels wrong to me. It’s not quite stealing someone’s soul, but I don’t want to steal someone’s image, either. So if you see a picture of someone on my Flickr stream then it is there because I was so proud of the image that I couldn’t resist putting it online.

The Double Man

Jonas in Greece in winter. It’s strange, but the picture loses all appeal if you put it the right way up.

Girl in the Smoke

Our friend Linda during her going-away party last fall.

The Dancers

Dancers at the wedding of Jonas’s cousin Tatiana. It’s not really a portrait, but I thought I’d include it here.


Henning Goetzke, a Frankfurt-based singer/songwriter and our friend.

Self Portrait with Flower

Me, with a flower. If I’m shy about making pictures of other people public, that goes double for myself. I hope not too many people scrolled this far down.

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