Dendrological Depictions

I like photographing plants, because they don’t complain and are good at holding still. Trees are even better, though; something about their solidity, their withered bark and vibrant leaves, makes them almost irresistible to me.

Barking Up The Tree

One of my favourite pictures. The bark is swimming in and out of focus and the branches, high above our heads, are no more than indistinct shapes against a glowing backdrop.

Hello There!

I would never have thought that this image would be as beautiful as it turned out to be. The branches are almost but not quite touching, as if the two trees are yearning for each other, but can’t reach.


Out On A Limb

Snow and a forgotten pair of trainers. Sometimes it’s the little things that make a picture special.

And Through The Middle Grows A Tree

What makes this picture good isn’t the tree, or the benches, but that little stripe of grass at the front that is in perfect focus.

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